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About Us



Welcome to ANDY PRIVATE TOURS and TRANSFERS  ! We will be your greatest resource for Local tours,  Private Shore Excursion from CHAN MAY or TIEN SA Port, accommodation ,sightseeings  & Private Transfers in Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue, DMZ & PHONG NHA CAVE. We are very happy to discuss with you about your detail trip before booking, Travelling with us You will have an unforgettable trip and save your Money

ANDY PRIVATE TOURS and TRANSFERS is confident  that you will have a comfortable and memorable trip when using our  services .We are looking forward to serve you.

You can contact me through my email : or Hotline number : +84 983264629, Whatsapp : +84 983264629.Viber : +84 983264629

Facebook Page :  Andy Private Tours and Transfers​



About Me.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andy and I am proud of introducing Vietnamese culture & History to you. I’m  Reliable ,energetic , helpful and enthusiastic tour guide  & Tour Operator with many years experience. I am living in Hoi An and I love it with all of my heart. I am very experienced in touring Hoi An, Hue, Da Nang city and My Son Sanctuary.

I am able to speak English , Mandarin very well and Japanese (Basic) . I am knowledgeable and passionate about Vietnamese culture and country. I can design local tours that  I focus on Vietnam highlights with your available time. Whatever time you have, I can provide an interesting & unforgettable experience with flexible time. Because I can both speak English & Mandarin. So, It is very convinient for some customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan to travel with me. Especially, For Some Families with 3 generations: Grandparents, parents and Children. For old people I use Mandarin and for young People I use English.So, The whole family can understand what I convey information.


Touring with me as a private tourguide & Tour Operator will allow you to tailor your time and to experience all of Hoi An and the surrounding areas of Vietnam as energetically as you wish to. You will see and experience the real local Hoi An by moving through backstreets, farms, and beautiful beaches, experiencing fresh organic local foods, local culture and local people; NO crowded buses and NO long waits.


I specialize in Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue tours and Shore Excursions. Hoi An city is a beautiful place to visit  in daytime and especially at night. Cosmopolitan Da Nang is Vietnam’s most liveable city and the royal splendour of Hue City will take your breath away. I can help your heart to get in touch with the heart and soul of my country.

Because I am passionate about my culture and country, I will be your ideal tour guide. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I specialise in individuals, couples or small groups of friends or family


I can arrange any type of tours that suits your taste. I often take very popular countryside tours through local villages by bicycle and motorbike where you will discover and enjoy local foods that are safe and tasty, you can even cook your own food with a local chef if you wish …… it’s lots of fun!!.Or you can ride on a water buffalo, riding a Bamboo Basket Boat to see Water coconut palm Jungle

I will design your tour for you. Please let me know what you would like to do and I will make your tour both enjoyable and memorable.


If you have any questions, requests or require any information in order to plan your trip please contact me.


If you are uncertain on what to do please allow me to suggest ideas and help you plan your next holiday.

                               Your Happiness is my pleasure




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